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Some information about the various plays and companies I have been involved with during my years at the OLD RED LION THEATRE and other venues. Photographs to illustrate some of them and remind me of the great many talented and generous people who have helped make everything possible, especially my family, Alexandra Gill and David Bales.


Founded KEN SHARP PRODUCTIONS in 1994 to produce New Writing. Productions included in main credits include: Seamus Finnegan’s WAITING FOR THE ANGELS. MURDER IN BRIDGPORT, DIASPORA JIGS and LIFE AFTER LIFE, Dan Clancy’s THE TIMEKEEPERS (which went on to be produced in New York , again in London at the New End and toured Dublin and Canada in 2007), THE COMING OF GOWF and other Golfing Tales (adapted from P. G. Wodehouse and performed at the Old Red Lion and Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh), SANTA’S WAR STARS IN SPACE, Thomas Middleton’s A CHASTE MAID IN CHEAPSIDE, THE ARRANGEMENT, ASSOCIATES, Chris Lee’s EAT THE ENEMY and HUMMINGBIRD, GRAVE PLOTS, AFTERS & SANTA STOLE MY GIRO  and A WHOLLY HEALTHY GLASGOW by Iain Heggie (Old Red Lion), Michael Roberts’ HOLLYWOOD SCREAMS (Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh) and DIARY OF A MADMAN translated by Kelvin Segger (Old Red Lion, directed by Rob Jarvis)

Co-founder of BARMONT PRODUCTIONS with Philip Barton who produced James Doherty’s THE RISING OF THE MOON, our award winning production of John Byrne’s THE SLAB BOYS, The Alexander Sisters’FANTASY ISLAND, Iain Heggie’s THE SEX COMEDIES, Michael Skelly’s RAT PLAY, and Julian Perkins' IMAGES OF TIFFIN , (Old Red Lion).

Co Founder of HOSTAGE PRODUCTIONS who produced Michael Black’s PROPAGANDA  FIDE (directed by Dominic Dromgoole) and THE AMBER ROOM, Vaclav Havel's THE INCREASED DIFFICULTY OF CONCENTRATION,  David Kane's GRAVE PLOTS (both directed by Tamsin Oglesby) all Old Red Lion Theatre.Co-Founder of

As an INDEPENDENT, produced Kathy Burke's MR. THOMAS and Tony Marchant's WELCOME HOME (both Old Red Lion and both TIME OUT CRITICS' CHOICE) 


A large pop-out book for the different locations with fantastic costumes by Vana Giannoula 

outside-cover Cliff-Scene 

Above Left: Front cover Above Right: Cliff Scene

Above: Greta, Ludovic and Julius in the Cottage

Below: Rhys King as Clown and Helen Russell-Clark as Greta photo by Paul Kelly


Above: The Bears and Clown in the Barn - Below: In the Cell


Rhys as the Clown photo by Roy Tan  

NO PICNIC by Greg Freeman with James Sygrove, Dan Frost, Rhys King and Helen Russell-Clark. Tabard Theatre, Rosemary Branch & Waterloo East Theatres Spring 2012 

THE WHITE WHORE & THE BIT PLATER by Tom Eyen with Laura Pradelska & Helen Russell Clark Rosemary Branch Theatre January 2011aaaa2aaaa3


BEAK STREET by Greg Freeman 
Tabard Theatre, London May 2010 

Harriet Ryder and Janine Wood in REGOLITH by Chris Lee 
Finborough Theatre London 2010

ENTERTAINING STRANGERS by David Edgar at ALRA London 2010

  Doig1 Doig2
 Doig3 Doig4

by Greg Freeman 

Tabard Theatre, London September 2009
Cast: James Sygrove, Rhys King (top left) Harriet Ryder (top right) 
and Kate Victors (middle left)
TIME OUT Play of the Weekand No. 1Critics'Choice


THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur Miller for Guildford School of Acting May 2009

ANO-street1 ANIGHTOUTposter 2008

Tom Yeates, Danny Greenlaugh, Tom Veasy, Adam Rood - Jason Marc-Williams and Anna Glynn in A NIGHT OUT by Harold Pinter Electric Theatre Guildford 2008

Prop-paper-2-use End-Prop-paper PWR-Flyer-GSA

Prop-newpapers and poster for PUNISHMENT WITHOUT REVENGE by Lope De Vega Bellairs Playhouse Guildford 2007


Alex Donald in SPITE THE FACE by Greg Freeman 
New End Theatre  & Underbelly Caves  Edinburgh & London  August 2006

 ICE-CREAM-photo  ICECREAMposter

May 2006  Guildford School of Acting at the Wimbledon Studio London
by Caryl Churchill  & HOT FUDGE ICE CREAM

 ROADphoto1 ROADphoto2 ROADphoto3 ROADphoto4.1 ROADphoto4

ROAD by Jim Cartwright Bellairs Playhouse Guildford 2006

TCOGdesignposter TCOGEDINphoto2 TCOGEDINphoto

THE COMING OF GOWF and Other Golfing Tales by P. G. Wodehouse 
Gilded Baloon Theatre 2005

KATHphoto KATHphoto2 KATHphoto4 KATHphoto3 KATHposter

KATHMANDU by Greg Freeman Pleasance and Menier Theatre 2004

 WFTAphoto WFTAposter

WAITING FOR THE ANGELS by Seamus Finnegan Old Red Lion Theatre 2002

MIBCollage MIBPoster

L-R John Cormack, Janine Wood, Phil Underwood, Robin Brockley, Sheenagh Govan, Glen Wallace, Kevin O’Donohoe, Ian Coop and Danny Hornigold in
MURDER IN BRIDGPORT by Seamus Finnegan Old Red Lion 2002

TKeepposter Timekeeperphotforweb

Tom Edden, George McAllister and Forbes Masson in 
THE TIMEKEEPERS by Dan Clancy Old Red Lion 2001


Rob Jarvis in DIASPORA JIGS by Seamus Finnegan Old Red Lion 2001

SWSphoto1 SWSphoto2 SWSphoto3 SWSwords SWSposter

 CMiCwords CMiCphoto CMICposter

 LALposterforweb.jpg?432 LALphotoforweb LALphotoinforforweb

  ASSOCwords ASSOCphoto ASSOCposter.jpg?432 

 ETEphot1  ETEposter.jpg?432 ETEwords ETEphot2


 Redposter.jpg?432 Redphot1Redphot2Redwords

 GPLOTSphoto GPLOTSwords GPLOTSposter.jpg?432

 BDwords BDposter

  Afters96 AftersEdphotowords

HUMMwords HUMMposter

Aftersposteforweb2.jpg?432 Afters95photoforweb Afterswordingforweb 

TBOSwords  TBOSposter 

RATPposter RATPwords

TROTMwords TROTMposter TROTMphoto2 TROTMphoto